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Bismillah ar Rahman ar Rahim REALPakNationalists

November 22, 2010

Futility of Lashkars

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In its exasperating fight against militancy, the government has been doing some weird things — without caring for the consequences. That’s understandable because a desperate government wants to defeat insurgents at any cost. One such bizarre thing is its support for tribal lashkars, or armed militias, which it paradoxically calls ‘amn’ (peace) caommittees, to fight the Taliban in restive tribal regions and parts of the volatile Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province. In some areas, no doubt, this policy worked. And proponents of this policy would cite the examples of Dhog Darra in Upper Dir, Ambar in Mohmand tribal region and Salarzai in Bajaur Agency where local lashkars successfully confronted the militants. But the cost of this policy dwarfs its gains.

The ‘lashkarisation’ of the tribal society, perhaps the most heavily-armed in the world, brought death and destruction of massive proportions. The vengeful militants have targeted lashkars with impunity, killing and maiming hundreds of volunteers and tribal elders since 2008. In Bajaur Agency, the government, in an effort to seek local acceptance for a military operation, encouraged tribesmen in the Salarzai area to raise a lashkar to fight alongside security forces. Reprisal came shortly. On November 6, 2008, a Taliban suicide bomber set off an explosion amidst a jirga (grand assembly) of Salarzai tribal elders, killing 25 chieftains and injuring dozens more. The jirga was convened to raise a lashkar to fight militants. And it didn’t end here. Tens of Salarzai chieftains were target-killed in suicide and bomb attacks in the days and months to follow. The message was loud and clear: anyone siding with the government would be killed.

In neighbouring Mohmand Agency, the Utmanzai tribe also decided to form a laskhar in the Ambar area. On July 9, 2010, their elders met in the office of a local government administrator in the Yakaghund sub-division to discuss details. The Taliban struck with double suicide bombings, flattening the once bustling marketplace and killing over a hundred innocent tribesmen. Most jirga members survived but Malik Sahibzada Utmankhel, who had successfully commanded an anti-Taliban lashkar in his home village of Prang Ghar area, wasn’t lucky enough.

Now come to Orakzai Agency, where a full-fledged military operation was launched in March this year. But before that, the authorities convinced the tribesmen to form an anti-Taliban lashkar. On October 10, 2008, hundreds of tribesmen from Ali Khel tribe gathered in the Khadizai area to discuss the make-up of the militia. A Taliban suicide bomber detonated an explosive-laden vehicle at the venue, killing 85 tribesmen and injuring over 200 more. The bloody story doesn’t end here. Hundreds of tribesmen have been killed in similar fashion in North and South Waziristan tribal regions, in Khyber Agency and in the semi-tribal area of Darra Adamkhel.

In Adezai and Bazidkhel, two villages on the outskirts of Peshawar, Haji Abdul Malik and Fahimur Rehman, both local nazims, had formed similar lashkars to challenge the Taliban. So far, the two militias have lost scores of volunteers in this unending fight. Disillusioned as they are with the government, they now feel that they have been left at the mercy of a formidable adversary like the Taliban. Another ill of this policy of ‘lashkarisation’ is indiscriminate killings of anyone suspected of being a Talib. The tribal legions, comprising mainly young tribesmen full of vengeance, hound Taliban guerillas in their respective areas and kill them without mercy, burning down their houses and banishing their innocent kinsfolk from their native villages.

The short-term consequences of the policy of ‘lashkarisation’ are appalling, but the future scenario is more horrific. The feuds triggered by lashkars could make the Pashtun society, already embroiled in long-running blood feuds, a living hell, even after militancy is banished from the region for good.

Source: Published in The Express Tribune, November 23rd, 2010.


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The plan between jihadis and Indian intelligence to divide Pakistan for India and a new Khilafat-e-Rashida has been exposed, and the evidence continues to grow. The intelligence company STRATFOR has released a new report showing cooperation between LeT and Indian militants.

Indian Maoist militants, known as Naxalites, have been meeting with members of the outlawed Pakistani militant group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT), according to the director-general of police for India’s Chhattisgarh state. Based on information from a police source, state police chief Vishwa Ranjan said Nov. 11 that two LeT operatives attended a Naxalite meeting in April or May.

Some anti-Pakistan elements are trying to say this is evidence of ISI involvement in India, but according to the STRATFOR report, “Evidence of direct links between the ISI and the Naxalites is hard to come by.” This is because ISI is not behind any such connections.

As proof continues to pile up about the connections between jihadi militants and their cooperation with RAW to destroy Pakistan, real Pakistani nationalists must stand up to this menace and defend the sovereignty of the mother land.

November 17, 2010


Proposed Map of Division Between Khilafa and India

Proposed Map of Boundaries Dividing Pakistan Between Khilafa and India

Several analysts have been trying to unravel what has quickly become the obvious conclusion that forces are at work against Pakistan, and that the end game is a New Partition that dissolves Pakistan from existence. But recent discoveries about who is behind this nefarious plot may surprise you.


Some excellent research has been done that suggests a trio of conspirators to this plan. These are CIA, RAW, and the network of jihadis supporting a pan-Islamic Khalifat that I will call Taliban for simplicity even though this is not exact. But something has always kept this theory from being readily acceptable. What would the US gain from a plan to divide Pakistan? At first it seemed obvious that the end game was taking control of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons. But this theory falls apart too quickly. Also, it ignores the reality of American military power and political hegemony. If the US wanted to divide Pakistan, it could do so easily just as it did when it broke up Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

American involvement in a plot to divide Pakistan is also impossible to reconcile with the level of military support being given. The US would not give $2 Billions in military support if it thought this would end up in the hands of Taliban militants and their allies. And even though the Americans do provide support to India, it is clear that they do not trust the Indians as a lone power, preferring to keep them on a short leash.


There are two groups who gain from this plan – the actual conspirators which are India and the Taliban as defined above. It may seem strange that two mortal enemies would cooperate to divide a country like this, but actually there is historical evidence for just such a plan. The American-Soviet Cold War saw frequent times when the two nations would divide up countries based on maintaining a balance of powers, all the while scheming to tip the balance and overthrow the other.

This was also the rationale behind India’s infamous acts against Pakistan in 1971. Certainly the Congress was no friend to Awami League in Dhaka, but it was a marriage of convenience as they say. Both Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and Indira Ghandi got their wishes by severing East Pakistan. Do you not see that today Manmohan Singh is playing the same game with Mullah Omar? Why do you think that peace talks are rejected every year?

When Pakistan was but a dream in the hearts and souls of Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, it was already opposed by Syed Abul A’ala Maududi and other Islamists who rejected the idea of a sovereign nation and instead were at the time still promoting openly a pan-Islamic Khilafa. Only when Pakistan became a reality from the blood and sacrifice of our ancestors were these anti-Pakistan voices silenced. Just because their story changed, their plans did not change. They have continued to work behind the scenes to create a new Khilafa in which they are the self-appointed rulers. This is why they continually look to the Ottoman


This marriage of convenience is the basis for carrying out the division of Pakistan. By now it is quite clear that the 26/11 attack in Mumbai was carried out as an inside job coordinated by RAW. Though the actual violence was carried out by LeT militants, such an obvious plot could only be possible if RAW looked the other way long enough to allow for the acts to be carried out. In fact, six days before the attacks the security of the hotel was stopped. This is because RAW and LeT must have been working together.

Now, there has been some confusion over the involvement of the American David Headley. But when the facts of his case are understood vis-a-vis the New Partition, it all begins to make sense. When David Headley was arrested, American officials refused to let RAW agents interrogate him for three months. This is because CIA had become aware of the connections between LeT and RAW and had to ensure that there was no time for RAW agents to slip Headley a ‘suicide pill’ or to ‘get their story straight’ about how his involvement would be explained. This is also why India is so determined to have Headley extradited so they can silence him for good.


Indian police preparing to hand over Kashmir to jihadi control

Indian police preparing to hand over Kashmir to jihadi control

Most recently, the Kashmir intifada has taken a curious change. Islamic lashkars are no longer committing attacks while the frequency and intensity of Indian violence against Muslims has skyrocketed. Actually, what militancy has been witnessed in Kashmir recently has been of the defensive variety in which individuals are trying to protect the people and property against Indian violence.

Indians are basically carrying out a slash and burn program against Muslim Kashmie because the agreement with the jihadis allows that it will be ceded to the Taliban. India has understandably agreed to this because it has become unrealistic for them to maintain control over a Muslim population that demands their rights, and India would gladly trade this parcel of land for some others.


Jihadi from Lahore bombing attacks arrested by police AKA national heroes

Jihadi from Lahore bombing attacks arrested by police AKA national heroes

Just as the lashkars have pulled out of Kashmir, they have reorganized in force in Karachi and Lahore. This is because these cities will fall on the Indian side of the new partition. Look at the targets of militant violence in both cities. Targets have been government security infrastructure like CID headquarters and religious locations. Like their Indian co-conspirators, Taliban are not going to leave behind any gifts for the new tenants. Jihadis are bombing mosques and holy sites for two reasons. First, these sites they are attacking are Sufi or Shia or some other site that is considered bid’ah according to the Wahhabism of the jihadis. Just as they destroyed the Buddhas of Bamyan with no care for history, so they are also willing to burn Abdullah Shah Ghazi shrine. But the additional reason is that they know that the Hindus will make a mockery of any remaining holy sites, even if they do not meet the artificial standards of piety that are the inventions of the jihadi leadership to secure their control over Pakistanis.


Just as during the Cold War between America and the Soviets, each side is willing to make some sacrifice and play a great game because they believe that in the end they will be able to overcome the other. The jihadis believe that they can establish a Khilafa-e-Rashid from the land of Afghanistan and Western Pakistan and use this as a base to expand their power. For this they are willing to sacrifice parts of the Punjab and Sindh. They see this as a temporary condition only because they believe they will regain this land as the Ottomans who are their model.

Similarly, the Indians see such a plan of their own. It will be some sacrifice for them to finally loose their grip on Jammu and Kashmir but they will see this also as a temporary condition while they gain Karachi and Lahore. Islamabad, of course, they will rename for Harbaksh after their general of 1965 war since this will be the greatest insult.

The end game then is for Pakistan to be no more. To the jihadis and the Indians both it is merely an obstacle in the way of their game for power.


Protecting the integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan must be the priority number one of all Pakistani nationalists. Now that the RAW-Jihadi connection has been made, we must unite to break its back. In the words of the Quaid-e-Azam, “In our solidarity, unity and discipline lie the strength, power and sanction behind us to carry on this fight successfully.”

Presently there are forces trying to divide us so that we may be conquered. Some are sworn enemies such as India and some are false allies such as the religious militant groups. We cannot allow them to succeed.

“Muslims! Protect your Hindu Neighbours. Cooperate with the Government and the officials in protecting your Hindu Neighbours against these lawless elements, fifth columnists and cliques. Pakistan must be governed through the properly constituted Government and not by cliques or fifth columnists or Mobs.” (Qaid-i-Azam, 9 January 1948)

Just as Jinnah called on us to protect our Hindu neighbors in 1948 so we must protect all of our fellow Pakistani brothers in 2010. There are evil forces at work that are trying to divide our nation into sects and ethnic groups so that our national identity as Pakistanis will weaken. Our national identity is like the mortar and we are the bricks which may be of different colors or shapes or sizes, but held together with the mortar of our nationalist pride the wall is impenetrable.

November 13, 2010

Soldiers Give Their Lives, Lawyers Run And Hide

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Every day our soldiers are offering their very lives for their country. Militants have taken a war against Pakistan. What else can it be if these brazen miscreants will attack CID? But our brave soldiers will never run scared.

Pakistani military soldiers guard a street in Swat Valley

But a slap in the face to our military comes from the lawyers and the courts who refuse to do anything to stop these militants once they are captured. This has been known for some time that there is something suspicious going on in the judiciary. Why the military can sacrifice so much for the nation to capture militants and the courts simply give them some ladoos and send them home?

Now we learn that lawyers are running to hide from these militants and refuse to show up to prosecute them!

Public prosecutors in Pakistan have refused to proceed with cases involving suspected militants on the pretext that the banned terror outfits are threatening them with dire consequences if they appeared in court.Media reports Saturday said the anti-terrorism court in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest metropolis, could not try cases against arrested suspects belonging to militant outfits because no public prosecutor was present.

‘Judge Anand Ram was scheduled to hear a case against arrested suspects of Lashkar-i-Jhangvi, while Judge Hasan Bokhari was to hear a case against an accused linked with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan,’ Aaj TV reported.

‘We are receiving constant threats from accomplices of these terrorists and can’t risk our lives anymore,’ a public prosecutor were quoted as saying.

Now we know who are the COWARDS! Where are the patriots who will not hide in fear from Pakistan’s enemies? Where are the brave souls who will defend her honour and her sovereignty?

These lawyers ask for protection, but they will not do any assistance of even doing their very own job to protect the security of the nation. It is a disgrace!

November 3, 2010

Attacking shrines and the culture of peace

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Allah, Farid, juhdi hamesha
Au Shaikh Farid, juhdi Allah Allah.

Acquiring Allah’s grace is the aim of my jihad, 0 Farid!
Come Shaikh Farid! Allah, Allah’s grace alone is ever the aim of my jihad
(Baba Guru Nanak Sahib to Baba Shaikh Farid Sahib)

The recent attack on Baba Fariddudin Ganj Shakkar’s shrine in Pakpattan was yet another brazen strike in the ongoing campaign of willful, malevolent and malicious attack on a section of society that believes in the teachings of pluralism and tolerance. Baba Farid, who is revered by Muslim, Sikhs and Hindus alike, is considered to be one of the founders of the Punjabi language in the thirteenth century. The message was unequivocal, “We will keep attacking if you continue with heretic practices and do not follow the interpretation in which we believe in.”

Neither the nature of the attack was new nor was the response of the authorities any different. It is already an established that militant organisations have been attacking whatever they consider ‘unIslamic’ according to their puritanical version of Islam. They do not just have a global agenda, rather they believe in imposing their own version of Sharia in the country.

The attacks on shrines have been taking place all over the country. In March 2005, 35 people lost their lives in a blast at the shrine of Pir Rakhel Shah in a remote village in Jhal Magsi district, Balochistan. In the same year in May, a suicide attack at Bari Imam Islamabad, a mausoleum that attracts people from above and across sectarian divides, took 20 lives and at least 100 people were injured. At first the attacks were mainly concentrated in areas adjacent to militancy-hit region. In December 2007, militants blew up the shrine of Abdul Shakoor Malang Baba near Peshawar. Next year in March, a 400-year-old shrine of Abu Saeed Baba was attacked by Mangal Bagh’s Lashkar-e-Islam with rockets in Shaikhan village of Sarband, which is adjacent to Bara Tehsil of Khyber Agency.  In the same year, 2008, militants detonated explosives in the shrine of Ashaab Baba on the outskirts of Peshawar. Surprisingly, some of these incidents have had little or no coverage in the media.

Then on March 5, 2009, what made headlines was the brazen attack on Rehman baba’s shrine in Hazarkhwani near Peshawar, where the famous Pashtun mystical poet is buried. Though no one was hurt in the attack, it was a rude awakening for many on how the militants have started attacking sites that are considered holy by many. The shrine’s watchman had been receiving threats from militants as many female devotees frequently visited the site. In May 2009, it was the shrine of Sheikh Omar Baba, which was hit.

In the current year, these attacks expanded to the other main cities of Pakistan. First in July, a barbaric attack at Data darbar in Lahore, and then in October  another devastating attack at Shah Ghazi shrine in Karachi led to scores of casualties.

Those who have been perpetrating such attacks are very clear in what they are doing. Sadly, we are not. This is not indiscriminate violence nor are these senseless attacks. The targets selected by the terrorists are symbolic in nature. This is an attack on the culture and practices followed by the majority. Yet our state of denial still exists. Even after all these years, we still hear statements like, ‘Who are these people?’ and, ‘They can not be Pakistanis’ and of course, ‘No Muslim can do it’ not only from common citizens but also from the authorities. There are people among us who very conveniently put the blame on ‘foreign elements.’ As we refuse to realise that we are in a state of war against an ideology of hate and intolerance, which very much threatens to subdue the majority, we will continue to be attacked by them. This ideology is practiced by only a few militant organisations and banned outfits. As long as we allow the few bigots to dictate to us what is right and what is wrong, we will continue to be terrorised.

It is very important to identify the culprits and make an example out of them. It may not be possible to provide fool-proof security to all the holy sites in the country and neither is this the solution. What needs to be done is to go after such terror networks irrespective of where they exist or whatever they are called. The judicial system should be overhauled in order to secure infallible prosecution of such criminals. It will be pertinent if the present wave of judicial activism is directed towards this cause. We have been listening to too many investigation inquiries being conducted but very few have actually produced the desired results. So far, the terrorists are scoring, as far as the reports in media are concerned, and we are just producing knee-jerk reactions.

Voltaire had rightly remarked more than two centuries ago, “So long as the people do not care to exercise their freedom, those who wish to tyrannise will do so; for tyrants are active and ardent, and will devote themselves in the name of any number of gods, religious and otherwise, to put shackles upon sleeping men.”


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