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July 23, 2010

Ahmed Quraishi Calls Military "Humiliating" and "Incapable"

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It is no secret that Ahmed Quraishi hates America, but now he has started to insult the military too. His latest article on his web site is nothing but a long criticism of the military, calling it incompetent and weak. Why is Ahmed Quraishi trying to undermine the military at a time that we are under attack by jihadis and feeling tension from India?

Supposedly a complaint about trade deal, the real target of Ahmed’s slanderous article is the military. After criticising the deal by suggesting that it is against Pak interests, Ahmed Quraishi says “What’s more likely is that the Pakistani military was consulted before granting this concession to US, Afghanistan and, indirectly, India.” Also he says that the number of US military personnel in Pakistan “would not be possible without a nod from the Pakistani military”.

So now Ahmed Quraishi is saying that government and military both are working against Pak interest? What exactly does he think is Pakistan’s interest? Talibans?

Ahmed Quraishi goes on to say that “the Pakistani military is on board” with “humiliating concessions” and “self-defeating compromises”. He accuses the Pakistan military of being “incapable”.

This is the ‘super-patriot’ Ahmed Quraishi who is throwing these terrible insults at our own military? Or is it the ‘media Taliban’ Ahmed Quraishi. I think it is obvious which.

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  1. Ahmed Quraishi is no patriot. He is pro-Jihadi and pro-terrorism and has revealed himself as such. This was proven by Pakistan Media Watch blog using the words of Ahmed Quraishi himself writing on his Facebook.

    Here is what Ahmed Quraishi wrote on 29 March:

    Can you please be a man and provide some evidence from my career spanning some 15 years that proves that I have been calling “most mujahideen as agents”? When Chechen “mujahideen” attacked a children’s school in Beslan five years ago, I wrote a defense in their favor, which was prominently published by The News and picked up by western news agencies. One of our brothers from the Chechen movement traced it back to me and made a contact from Dubai to convey their thanks.

    I have been and continue to defend and promote the mujahideen in Kashmir and in Afghanistan who are fighting occupations. In fact, the most common charge against me by some of the apologists in the media is that I am a ‘clean shaven Taliban’. And here I have one Mr. Danyal, who thinks some beard and a shabby understanding and knowledge qualifies him to dismiss me as an “anti mujahideen” in one go, just like that!

    Please grow up, read and improve your ability to comprehend. When I commented on this specific incident, I was indirectly defending the Chechen resistance fighters. I was making a link to hard evidence collected from Afghanistan in the past four years that indicated that some European spy agencies were setting up training camps to train individuals and send them to Chechnya. This information was first revealed, with stunning details pinpointing the exact locations, by none other than the former chief of Pakistan army Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig. He admitted his information was only half of what is available with our intelligence sources. The point here is that many players from multiple backgrounds can and do operate in conflict zones, everyone working for their own agendas. … See More

    And please Daniyal, next time do not assume that a few pieces of hair in your beard makes you a better Muslim than I am. My services for my religion probably exceed yours, but it is unfortunate that we live in times where yesterday’s kids are coming to us today to give us lectures about protecting and promoting our religion and culture. Trust me, this is a sign of decline, because the real heroes from our history who led Islam to glory were not limited in scope as people like you are. Please expand your horizon. Promote your cause and fight intelligently. Speak less and do more. And read, for God sakes, with understanding and depth, before you venture to comment.

    In another post on his Facebook Ahmed Quraishi even says he is not a journalist he is a jihadi now.

    Comment by Imran — July 24, 2010 @ 8:52 am

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